Friday, May 3, 2013

Shopping Temptations: H&M Conscious Collection

As I mentioned in my last post {here}, I am so excited to shop again but I don't want to destroy my bank account.  H&M's new Conscious Collection is beautiful and fashion-forward, but totally affordable - definitely a contender for my first purchase! Also, H&M is heavily involved in philanthropy and has introduced this gorgeous Conscious Collection line made from recycled materials.  How amazing is that jumpsuit?! I think that may need to happen...

Shopping Temptations: H&M Conscious Collection

Long pink gown {here}
White silk kimono {here}
Black jumpsuit {here}
Blue satin dress {here}
Pink headband {here}
Patterned dress {here}
Tulle dress {here}
Beaded pink dress {here}
Pink heels {here}

Happy Friday!


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  1. I love the mint tulle dress in the middle <3 what great finds!