Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CMH Fashion Week Model Fitting

Although I like to keep my blog in some sort of chronological order of life events, I was too excited about this one not to share!  CMH Fashion Week in Columbus is such an exciting event, and I am so honored to be a part of it this year.  The Finale Runway Show is October 19th at the new Hilton downtown {check out the rest of the schedule & learn more about CMH Fashion Week here} and I got to see a sneak peek of the incredible designers' work at the model fitting this past weekend {check out the list of all of the designers here}.  It was an amazing experience and I am so excited to see the final product on the runway! Be sure to 'like' CMH Fashion Week on Facebook {here} and follow on Twitter {here}.  Here is a peek at what is in store for CMH Fashion Week 2012!

myself with the two other fabulous Columbus bloggers: Sara Bucher of "To Be Worn" {check out her blog here} & Carissa Thrush "A Clockwork Pink" {check out her blog here}

I had a blast at this event and it was a wonderful experience to see how much talent Columbus has to offer - CANNOT WAIT for the Finale Runway Show! {again, check out CMH Fashion Week here}

Enjoy the rest of your week! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Heirlooms

Some of my favorite items that I will be wearing throughout my year of no shopping are items that I spent no money on at all - family heirlooms! I adore all of my pieces that I have received from family members over the years; I love incorporating vintage pieces into my wardrobe and it adds something special when it's been passed down within my family.  

My Great Grandparents' wedding picture

old postcards my Great Grandfather wrote to the Great Grandmother in the 1920s

Here are some pieces I have received from family over the years, and some pieces that may go missing from my Mom's jewelry box in the near future {sorry, Mom - can't help it!}: 

rings from my Mom and Great Grandmother; Cyma watch from my Mom

favorite emerald ring that I may have to steal from my Mom

favorite sapphire & diamond ring that I may have to steal from my Mom + old pictures of my parents

necklace from my parents with heirloom aquamarine & diamonds + old picture of my Great Grandmother

heirloom necklace & earrings from my Grandmother that I wore to CMH Fashion Week Fitting - post on that event coming soon!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Eyelet + Ice Cream

I don't indulge in ice cream often, but when it's summer and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream {best ice cream EVER! check out here} is about a block away - who can resist!? It was a week night and not a special evening out, but I wanted to throw on some items I have not worn in a while, and with my favorite eyelet skirt that I plan on transitioning into my fall wardrobe.  

Paul & Joe shirt {from TJ Maxx}

close up of J Crew eyelet skirt + Ellen Himic Rosette Ring {buy here} + Sephora by OPI's "Leaf Him at the Altar"

Paul & Joe shirt {from TJ Maxx}, J Crew skirt, Renato Angi handbag {from TJ Maxx}, Loeffler Randall sandals {shop here}

Ray Ban aviators, Paul & Joe shirt {from TJ Maxx}, J Crew skirt, Renato Angi handbag {from TJ Maxx}, Loeffler Randall sandals

Paul & Joe shirt {from TJ Maxx}, J Crew skirt, Renato Angi handbag {from TJ Maxx}, Loeffler Randall sandals, some of my signature silver jewelry {check out here}

close up of Jeni's ice cream, Ellen Himic Rosette Ring {buy here}, + Sephora by OPI's "Leaf Him at the Altar"

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Sunday, August 19, 2012

1 Year of No Shopping Reward

People often ask me about what the most challenging aspect of no shopping is; they also ask if I plan to reward myself once my year of no shopping is complete.  I know I will eventually shop again once May 13th comes along, however, I do not want to spoil my year of saving by purchasing something extravagant or totally unrealistic in terms of price.  I will admit that I do wonder myself what my first purchase would be.  Here are some {ever-changing, might I add!} ideas for first fashion related buys after one year of no shopping: 


Ellen Himic Swirl of Rose ring {buy here}

Alexis Russell Black and White Diamond Cuff Bracelet {buy here}

Anna Beck Timor mini hoop earrings {buy here}

Ippolita Rose Skinny Hammered bangle {buy here}

Gorjana Laurel necklace {buy here}

Dannijo Medine bib necklace {buy here}


Foley + Corinna Small Letter Bag {buy here}

Rebecca Minkoff Circle Quilted Affair bag {buy here}

FEED Projects FEED 2 Bag {buy here}

Botkier Lucy crossbody bag {buy here}

Z Spoke Shirley Bow Satchel {buy here}

Loeffler Randall Rider Bag {buy here}


TOMS Giraffe Women's Vegan Classic {buy here}

Elizabeth and James Sash Pump {buy here}

Pour La Victoire Aeesha pump

DV by Dolce Vita Lunna Flat {buy here}

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Motorcycle boots {buy here}


Tory Burch Amara Blazer {buy here}

Paper Crown Bora Bora gown {buy here}

Tibi Solid Silk Shift dress {buy here}

Corey Lynn Calter Talula One Shoulder dress {buy here}

Lauren Pierce Hand Dyed Wrap Silk dress {buy here}

These are just a few amazing clothing items/accessories that I am lusting over and would love to buy on May 13th! I realize that I have 9 months left to go before I can shop, and there will be plenty more items to discover and want to buy, but who knows? Not only is not shopping difficult, but limiting my first purchase to just one item may be the greatest challenge yet!

If you did not shop for a year, what would your first fashion-related purchase(s) be?