Sunday, August 26, 2012

Family Heirlooms

Some of my favorite items that I will be wearing throughout my year of no shopping are items that I spent no money on at all - family heirlooms! I adore all of my pieces that I have received from family members over the years; I love incorporating vintage pieces into my wardrobe and it adds something special when it's been passed down within my family.  

My Great Grandparents' wedding picture

old postcards my Great Grandfather wrote to the Great Grandmother in the 1920s

Here are some pieces I have received from family over the years, and some pieces that may go missing from my Mom's jewelry box in the near future {sorry, Mom - can't help it!}: 

rings from my Mom and Great Grandmother; Cyma watch from my Mom

favorite emerald ring that I may have to steal from my Mom

favorite sapphire & diamond ring that I may have to steal from my Mom + old pictures of my parents

necklace from my parents with heirloom aquamarine & diamonds + old picture of my Great Grandmother

heirloom necklace & earrings from my Grandmother that I wore to CMH Fashion Week Fitting - post on that event coming soon!


  1. there's nothing better than jewellery with history!! wish my grandma's would've saved up something for me too :DD my favorites are the necklace & earrings on the last photo & that stunning emerald ring O.O!!

    with love, veronika from entertainment scrapbook

  2. I couldn't agree more with how incredibly special family heirlooms are, and they really are the best treasures!! I love that green emerald ring as well!!
    Christa Jayne

  3. Family heirlooms are always so important to keep and its so fun integrating them in to everyday outfits. the emerald ring is gorgeous.


  4. What a great way to incorporate sentimental pieces to spice up your wardrobe. That sapphire & diamond ring is stunning! The postcards are so sweet too--how cool to still have those!!!

  5. A YEAR OF NOT SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!??? I could cry right now! Good job! I'll be sure to pop by every so often to check on your status hehe! But atleast you have such cute pieces to wear!


  6. I love old pictures, they always have a story to them and you remember it when you pass it!!

    <3 Elisa

  7. jewelry is great, but I love the picture of your grandparent's wedding, amazing!:)
    xx Kate

  8. A year without shopping is a scary idea *cringe*. But anyway, just think of the style that you can show off when you pair your modern wardrobe with your vintage jewelry. That sapphire and diamond ring would surely earn gasps of admiration!

    Bridget Rossi

  9. When I was young, I really wished that my grandma or my mom would give me at least one of their jewelry. Haha! That’s one of my ultimate dreams actually, and I’m really grateful that my grandma gave me a beautiful 1970's pearl cast sterling! I soooo love it!! :))

    Rochel Faltus