Wednesday, May 29, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: What I Bought, Part 2

After my year of no shopping, I spent quite a bit of time browsing sites online looking for good deals, and found a few that I just could not turn down! That being said, I wanted to shop at a few stores in person and opted for places that again offered fabulous prices.  Here are some pieces I bought at H&M and TJ Maxx {the one on Henderson Road in Columbus is AMAZING!}: 

Rebecca Taylor top from TJ Maxx, H&M shorts, H&M sandals, Alice + Olivia dress from TJ Maxx, H&M faux fur leopard collar, Philosophy nail polish from TJ Maxx, OPI for Sephora nail polish from TJ Maxx, H&M sleeveless blouse

H&M faux fur leopard collar, Philosophy nail polish in "Graceful Pink" from TJ Maxx, Sephora by OPI nail polish in "Studs and Stilettos" from TJ Maxx, H&M sleeveless blouse

Rebecca Taylor top from TJ Maxx, H&M sandals

Well, those are the pieces I purchased in the first week after being able to shop! I am behaving myself in the meantime, but after I allow myself to do a little more retail therapy, I want to hit up a few of my favorite Columbus boutiques like Milk Bar Boutique and the Royal Factory.

Stay tuned for CMH Fashion Week posts/news - this year is going to be amazing!


Monday, May 20, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: What I Bought, Part 1

It was officially one week ago since I was allowed to go shopping again after one year without buying ANYTHING! I have been contemplating for quite some time about what my first purchase would be; I wanted to take time to decide on something I actually liked and not just go crazy with shopping because I could.  Also, as much as I wanted to splurge on something like an Alexander Wang bag or an Ellen Himic ring, I recognized that just because I could shop I should not be spending money like it grows on trees.  That being said, this is my first post about what I bought which includes pieces I bought online:
One Year of No Shopping: What I Bought Online

ASOS crop top {here} <--- only $13!
BB Dakota plaid jacket {here} <--- on sale for $15! That's right...$15!
a_line watch purchased on Rue La La {sign up here} <--- $1,000 watch for $90! 
Tory Burch belt purchased on Rue La La {sign up here}
Elizabeth and James stripe pants purchased on ventee-privee {sign up here

So these are the purchases I have made online in the last week! I tried very hard to purchase items that I loved and were on MAJOR sale.  The actual first item that I purchased was the a_line watch; I've been wanting a rose gold watch and I just couldn't say no when I saw it was originally priced at $1,000 but being sold on Rue La La for $90! The pants and the belt were great prices too, I absolutely love sites like Rue La La and vente-privee {I totally recommend signing up! here and here} The plaid jacket I fell in love with at first sight, and then I saw the price and knew it was meant to be.  The crop top from ASOS was also a great price, and just what I need to go with this sheer summer top that I plan on wearing in Chicago this Memorial Day Weekend.  

Well, that's all for online shopping, and I've officially grounded myself from any further online purchases for at least the next month! Part 2 of my first purchases will be later this week and include everything I've bought in person around Columbus.  

Have a great week!


Monday, May 13, 2013

One Year of No Shopping

Well, it is official: I did not shop for anything fashion-related for ONE year! As difficult as it was at times, I really can't believe how fast it went! And as much as I am SO excited to go shopping again, it almost feels weird and wrong since it's been so long.  But not THAT wrong ;)

Over the last year, there have been many questions from my friends and family about my no shopping vow, like "how do you do it!?", but there were 2 particular questions that I was consistently asked: 1. Were you able to save a lot of money? and 2. What are you going to buy first?

In regards to the first question, I know that I saved money, but it's hard for me to estimate how much.  Without me spending money on fashion-related items that I don't need, I was able to do things like go out to eat with friends, and buy a plane ticket to visit my boyfriend without as much worry.  If I had to do this over again, I might try to find a way to keep track of just how much I saved.  As for the second question - I don't know what to buy!  I am torn between so many items, and I am trying very hard to buy pieces that I NEED and not necessarily just want; I have also been on the lookout for online sales/deals - let me know if you know of any!

One Year of No Shopping: What To Buy?
Elizabeth and James fur vest {here} <--- on sale!
Alexander Wang shoes {here}
Ellen Himic ring {here}
Rebecca Minkoff bag {here}

Thank you to everyone for all of the support over the last year {and my friends who let me borrow clothes!}; the year honestly flew by and I would recommend to anyone to challenge themselves to try it - you have stronger willpower than you think! :)

Well, I am off to shop! I will post in the next week to post about my first shopping experience after abstaining for a year, and what I decided to purchase.  Wish me luck! :)


Friday, May 10, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Miscellaneous Accessories

So this is the last installment of fashion-related items that I want to purchase come Monday, my official one year anniversary of no shopping.  When I first began my year of no shopping, I included the obvious things like clothes, shoes, handbags, and jewelry, but as time went on I realized I needed to continuously redefine what constitutes "fashion-related."  Below is a collage of accessories that I initially did not count against my no shopping vow, but decided against buying until May 13th, 2013:

One Year of No Shopping: Misc. Accessories

1. Tory Burch iPhone cover {here}
2. Gorjana scarf {here}
3. Steamline luggage {here}
4. J Crew scarf {here}
5. TOMS sunglasses {here}
6. Hermes belt {here}


Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Handbags

If there is one fashion accessory that I probably do not need any more of, it is handbags.  I've always loved how a handbag can make an entire outfit, and I have spent more money on handbags over the years than I care to mention.  Although I don't need to spend another dime on a handbag, here are some that I may have to purchase next week when I can shop again:

One Year of No Shopping: Handbags

1. Claire Vivier Foldover clutch {here}
2. Ela Editor's pouch {here}
3. Alexander Wang clutch {here}
4. Marie Turnor Picnic clutch {here}
5. Loeffler Randall Mini Rider bag {here}
6. Kooba bag {here}
7. Botkier Valencia bag {here}
8. Rebecca Minkoff Covet bag {here}
9. Jessica Jensen envelope clutch {here}
10. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair bag {here}

Which one would you choose!?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Clothes

So far this week I've posted about shoes {here} and jewelry {here} that I cannot wait to shop for, and today is about what I might be most excited about: clothes! I've recently been going through my closet and donating pieces that I have not worn in forever, and making room for some NEW clothes.  I am not sure which article of clothing will be my first purchase, but I can almost guarantee it will be on sale {I will make a conscious effort not to spend a fortune!} Here are some pieces I am wanting desperately to buy:

One Year of No Shopping: Clothes

1. Clover Canyon dress {here}
2. Zara coat {here}
3. Diane von Furstenberg pants {here}
4. Elizabeth and James dress {here}
5. Diane von Furstenberg jacket {here}
6. Tory Burch bathing suit {here}
7. Rebecca Minkoff dress {here}


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Jewelry

As I mentioned yesterday {here}, I can now shop in LESS than a WEEK, and each day this week I want to post clothing and accessories that I am considering to buy.  Today's theme is jewelry, and honestly, this will be my new shopping challenge: how do I choose which piece I want, or better yet, how do I not buy all of these!? I am a serious jewelry addict, and cannot wait to get some new pieces.  Here are some that I am dying to own:

One Year of No Shopping: Jewelry

1. Loren Stewart ring {here}
2. Jacquie Aiche earrings {here}
3. Elizabeth Showers ring {here}
4. Dana Rebecca rose gold and black diamond necklace {here}
5. Ippolita ring {here}
6. Gorjana ring {here}
7. Robindira Unsworth bangle {here}
8. Jennifer Meyer turquoise stone bangle {here}
9. David Yurman earrings {here}
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch {here}
11. Vita Fede ring {here}
12. Catbird NYC ring {here}
13. Loren Stewart earrings {here}
14. Alexis Russell cuff black and white diamond {here}
15. Ellen Himic ring {here}
16. Jennifer Fisher bangle {here}
17. Elizabeth Showers ring {here}
18. Mociun earrings {here}
19. Jennifer Meyer ring {here}
20. Robindira Unsworth ring {here}
21. Vita Fede bracelet {here}


Monday, May 6, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Shoes

Well, it is officially ONE WEEK from today I can shop again! I have about one million items that I want to shop for, and I am trying to narrow it down so that I don't spend every last dime I have.  Each day this week I will post about the items that have caught my eye, divided into categories - and today is all about shoes! Here are some flats, heels, sandals, and boots that I am LOVING and considering to buy:

One Year of No Shopping: Shoes

1. Loeffler Randall sandal heels {here}
2. Rebecca Minkoff flats {here}
3. Christian Louboutin pumps {here}
4. Tory Burch sandals {here}
5. BCBG Max Azria heels {here}
6. Valentino flats {here}
7. Rag & Bone boots {here}
8. Diane von Furstenberg heels {here}
9. DV by Dolce Vita heels {here}
10. Zara sandals {here}

Also, I need your input.  Which ones would you buy!?


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Colors of Spring

 As my year of no shopping is coming to an end, I have to admit that I am CONSTANTLY thinking about what I will buy! Lately, I have been so tempted to buy new spring clothes and new pieces for summer, and especially love the concept of neutral clothing items and bright accessories.  Here is a recent look/recent pieces I've been wearing and want to buy more of:

neutral colored Jimmy Choos

neutral colored Jimmy Choos

spring inspired macarons, Pianegonda neckalce, + spring inspired nail polish: Essie's "Better Together", OPI's "Chapel of Love", OPI's "What's With The Cattitude?"

Simply Vera Vera Wang spring coat

Ellen Himic ring, John Hardy bracelet, David Yurman bracelet, nail polish: OPI's "What's With The Cattitude?"

Jimmy Choo shoes, J Crew dress, Ippolita ring, nail polish: OPI's "What's With The Cattitude?"

Ippolita ring, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, nail polish: OPI's "What's With The Cattitude?"

Happy Sunday!


Friday, May 3, 2013

Shopping Temptations: H&M Conscious Collection

As I mentioned in my last post {here}, I am so excited to shop again but I don't want to destroy my bank account.  H&M's new Conscious Collection is beautiful and fashion-forward, but totally affordable - definitely a contender for my first purchase! Also, H&M is heavily involved in philanthropy and has introduced this gorgeous Conscious Collection line made from recycled materials.  How amazing is that jumpsuit?! I think that may need to happen...

Shopping Temptations: H&M Conscious Collection

Long pink gown {here}
White silk kimono {here}
Black jumpsuit {here}
Blue satin dress {here}
Pink headband {here}
Patterned dress {here}
Tulle dress {here}
Beaded pink dress {here}
Pink heels {here}

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

APRIL without shopping

Well, it's officially May - the month I can shop again! I can't believe how fast this year flew by, and that I actually stayed true to my word {so far....}.  As May 13th gets closer, I am constantly wondering what I should, and should not, buy and how to not blow my bank account.  Over the next 2 weeks, I will do a little research {and hopefully find some sales!} to figure out what I really want to buy for my first purchase after one year of no shopping.  For for the last time, here is what I did in April that did NOT involve shopping: 

 took a walk in beautiful spring weather around my neighborhood

 had a baby shower for one of my best friends

 spent the day at a Lake Erie beach near Cleveland 

watched one of my best friends get married

went to Da Levee for lunch and Bloody Marys, one of my favorite restaurants in Columbus 

Happy Hump Day!