Monday, May 13, 2013

One Year of No Shopping

Well, it is official: I did not shop for anything fashion-related for ONE year! As difficult as it was at times, I really can't believe how fast it went! And as much as I am SO excited to go shopping again, it almost feels weird and wrong since it's been so long.  But not THAT wrong ;)

Over the last year, there have been many questions from my friends and family about my no shopping vow, like "how do you do it!?", but there were 2 particular questions that I was consistently asked: 1. Were you able to save a lot of money? and 2. What are you going to buy first?

In regards to the first question, I know that I saved money, but it's hard for me to estimate how much.  Without me spending money on fashion-related items that I don't need, I was able to do things like go out to eat with friends, and buy a plane ticket to visit my boyfriend without as much worry.  If I had to do this over again, I might try to find a way to keep track of just how much I saved.  As for the second question - I don't know what to buy!  I am torn between so many items, and I am trying very hard to buy pieces that I NEED and not necessarily just want; I have also been on the lookout for online sales/deals - let me know if you know of any!

One Year of No Shopping: What To Buy?
Elizabeth and James fur vest {here} <--- on sale!
Alexander Wang shoes {here}
Ellen Himic ring {here}
Rebecca Minkoff bag {here}

Thank you to everyone for all of the support over the last year {and my friends who let me borrow clothes!}; the year honestly flew by and I would recommend to anyone to challenge themselves to try it - you have stronger willpower than you think! :)

Well, I am off to shop! I will post in the next week to post about my first shopping experience after abstaining for a year, and what I decided to purchase.  Wish me luck! :)



  1. Congratulations, lady!!! I've enjoyed following your fun and creative style journey over the course of the year...always the fashionista!! I hope you keep up the blog anyway :) oh, and happy shopping!

  2. Wow! Amazing strength I'd cave in a minute!
    Now you can buy a fab 1 year gift! Congrats!

  3. excellent challenge dear!! :)


  4. Alexander Wang shoes!! Have fun !