Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Handbags

If there is one fashion accessory that I probably do not need any more of, it is handbags.  I've always loved how a handbag can make an entire outfit, and I have spent more money on handbags over the years than I care to mention.  Although I don't need to spend another dime on a handbag, here are some that I may have to purchase next week when I can shop again:

One Year of No Shopping: Handbags

1. Claire Vivier Foldover clutch {here}
2. Ela Editor's pouch {here}
3. Alexander Wang clutch {here}
4. Marie Turnor Picnic clutch {here}
5. Loeffler Randall Mini Rider bag {here}
6. Kooba bag {here}
7. Botkier Valencia bag {here}
8. Rebecca Minkoff Covet bag {here}
9. Jessica Jensen envelope clutch {here}
10. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair bag {here}

Which one would you choose!?


1 comment:

  1. Wow!!! Amazing collection of bags. There are different colors and types of bags for choice. Among them the blue one is my favorite one. I need to purchase the blue bag. Fantastic bags collection.