Monday, May 20, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: What I Bought, Part 1

It was officially one week ago since I was allowed to go shopping again after one year without buying ANYTHING! I have been contemplating for quite some time about what my first purchase would be; I wanted to take time to decide on something I actually liked and not just go crazy with shopping because I could.  Also, as much as I wanted to splurge on something like an Alexander Wang bag or an Ellen Himic ring, I recognized that just because I could shop I should not be spending money like it grows on trees.  That being said, this is my first post about what I bought which includes pieces I bought online:
One Year of No Shopping: What I Bought Online

ASOS crop top {here} <--- only $13!
BB Dakota plaid jacket {here} <--- on sale for $15! That's right...$15!
a_line watch purchased on Rue La La {sign up here} <--- $1,000 watch for $90! 
Tory Burch belt purchased on Rue La La {sign up here}
Elizabeth and James stripe pants purchased on ventee-privee {sign up here

So these are the purchases I have made online in the last week! I tried very hard to purchase items that I loved and were on MAJOR sale.  The actual first item that I purchased was the a_line watch; I've been wanting a rose gold watch and I just couldn't say no when I saw it was originally priced at $1,000 but being sold on Rue La La for $90! The pants and the belt were great prices too, I absolutely love sites like Rue La La and vente-privee {I totally recommend signing up! here and here} The plaid jacket I fell in love with at first sight, and then I saw the price and knew it was meant to be.  The crop top from ASOS was also a great price, and just what I need to go with this sheer summer top that I plan on wearing in Chicago this Memorial Day Weekend.  

Well, that's all for online shopping, and I've officially grounded myself from any further online purchases for at least the next month! Part 2 of my first purchases will be later this week and include everything I've bought in person around Columbus.  

Have a great week!



  1. So wild to not shop for a year, but very admirable, that is some will power!

  2. Wow you founds some major scores!! What a bargain! Love the watch and that cute crop top.


  3. Oh my, I could not go a year without shopping, but props to you, I wish I was that strong to do this! Those items you found are super cute!