Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Year of No Shopping: Jewelry

As I mentioned yesterday {here}, I can now shop in LESS than a WEEK, and each day this week I want to post clothing and accessories that I am considering to buy.  Today's theme is jewelry, and honestly, this will be my new shopping challenge: how do I choose which piece I want, or better yet, how do I not buy all of these!? I am a serious jewelry addict, and cannot wait to get some new pieces.  Here are some that I am dying to own:

One Year of No Shopping: Jewelry

1. Loren Stewart ring {here}
2. Jacquie Aiche earrings {here}
3. Elizabeth Showers ring {here}
4. Dana Rebecca rose gold and black diamond necklace {here}
5. Ippolita ring {here}
6. Gorjana ring {here}
7. Robindira Unsworth bangle {here}
8. Jennifer Meyer turquoise stone bangle {here}
9. David Yurman earrings {here}
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch {here}
11. Vita Fede ring {here}
12. Catbird NYC ring {here}
13. Loren Stewart earrings {here}
14. Alexis Russell cuff black and white diamond {here}
15. Ellen Himic ring {here}
16. Jennifer Fisher bangle {here}
17. Elizabeth Showers ring {here}
18. Mociun earrings {here}
19. Jennifer Meyer ring {here}
20. Robindira Unsworth ring {here}
21. Vita Fede bracelet {here}


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