Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER without shopping

October is probably my favorite month of the year; it's officially autumn, pumpkin-flavored foods can be found everywhere, and it sets the tone for all of the best holidays.  This October was super busy, but it was wonderful! This has probably been the toughest month in regards to my no shopping vow because of all of the fabulous fall fashion I see everywhere, but I have not broken my vow and it just keeps me inspired to use what I already have! Here is what I did in October that did not involve shopping:

admired the fall foliage in Columbus' Italian Village neighborhood

decorated my apartment with some festive pumpkins that will last me through November

visited my boy in Colorado - this was taken on the drive from Denver to Boulder to see the Rockies!

was named "Chic of the Week" on! - check out {here}

met my "Godson" Potato {congrats to my friend Jen on her perfect new English Bulldog puppy!}

Happy November!



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  2. Nice pictures ! And the puppy is so cute !


    Gray Cat