Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Post: No Rebecca for a Year


My name is Cassidy Short and I am a former
shopaholic.  I say former because I have made a vow to not
shop (anything fashion related) for a year.  I have realized
the amount I spend on shopping for clothes, accessories,
etc, is absurd for a twenty-something graduate student & 
employee of a non-profit.  I also have a few big (in another
word, EXPENSIVE) events coming up in the next year
such as being in the weddings of 3 of my close friends, a
boyfriend moving across the country (thank God for
Southwest Rapid Rewards!), and finishing up grad school;
it seems wise to invest less money in shopping in order to
partake in other more worthwhile experiences.  

And by less money, I mean no money.  So, there you have
it - one year with no new shoes, sparkly dresses, cute
scarves, or even a Rebecca Minkoff handbag, the last item
I purchased before shopping-abstinence began (hence the
name: No Rebecca for a Year).  Wish me luck, I will need



  1. You are awfully adorable. I am so delighted to see you in your tweemendous twenties with your head screwed on properly and your priorities straight. I have a case of the sads for you that your beaufriend is moving cross-country but I have also experienced the distance relationship and it was a blessing.
    Happy consumer-abstinence!