Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Three whole days of no shopping, going strong!  I should have mentioned in my first post some reasonable exceptions to my no shopping rule: necessities such as underwear, tights (Midwest winters can be brutal!), obligatory bridesmaids apparel, and any gift cards I may acquire as Christmas/birthday presents (since it's not my own money to be spent); 

Now onto my favorite topic: ACCESSORIES.  I’ve always believed that utilizing accessories in a smart, fashion-forward way can make even the oldest outfit brand new.  I initially was going to only limit myself to shopping for new clothes, however, I believe I spend most of my shopping/fashion money on accessories anyways.  A great pair of shoes, eye-catching jewelry, & a classic handbag are ways I plan on making my old wardrobe appear new until May 13th, 2013 (but who’s counting?)

neutral pair of Jimmy Choos that are a work of art

 Robindira Unsworth rings (shop here) atop delicious macarons from Pistacia Vera in German Village

Jessica Jensen tote & delish oatmeal chocolate chip cookies - recipe

Enjoy the rest of your week!




  1. Love you and those shoes

  2. I can't read the note with the shoes - elaborate. Much LOVE!

  3. thank you for the sweet comments, ladies! Birtle, the note was written by the employee from Jimmy Choo in Beverly Hills who shipped those beauties to me! I hope to someday meet him...and hug him.. ;)