Monday, March 25, 2013

Modern, Dainty, and Blue

I've mentioned before how I love jewelry, and am constantly browsing for new or up-and-coming brands.  I love a few of the current jewelry trends right now which are pieces that have a modern edge {ie, Jennifer Fisher, Loren Stewart}, are simple and understated {ie, Jennifer Meyer, Dana Rebecca}, and include blue or turquoise gemstones {ie Mociun, Robindira Unsworth}.  Here are a few of my current favorites that I am dying to purchase:

Modern, Dainty, & Blue

1. Mociun square turquoise and diamond earrings {buy here}
2. Dana Rebecca diamond necklace {buy here}
3. Jacquie Aiche gold and diamond ring {buy here}
4. Jennifer Fisher rose gold square block cuff {buy here}
5. Catbird NYC turquoise baguette ring {buy here}
6. Jennifer Meyer gold and emerald thin ring {buy here}
7. Me & Ro lapis chain drop earrings {buy here}
8. Robindira Unsworth mixed metal turquoise ring {buy here}
9. Jennifer Meyer turquoise thin bangle {buy here}
10. Loren Stewart three-bar cuff ring {buy here}
11. Loren Stewart diamond and gold rod stud earrings {buy here}



  1. I absolutely LOVE lapis so I think the drops are divine!

  2. Jennifer Fisher all the way! These are amazing pieces - good eye!

  3. love these pieces

  4. Very nice blog :)


    Coline ♡