Friday, March 1, 2013

Birthday Month

Happy March! It's the best month of the year! Not only does it mean spring has arrived {some of the time, at least}, it is also my birthday month! In celebration of the best month of the year, I am going to make an effort to wear all things spring-inspired and rock my birthstone which happens to be my favorite color: aquamarine.  Although I don't want or expect my birthday to be a big blowout {I'm too old and tired for that...}, I do look forward to it because it means spending time with people I love and getting to eat all the cupcakes I want and not feel bad about it.  

birthstone month: Olia Designs pearl + aqua quartz earrings, Swarovski  ring, heirloom diamond + aquamarine necklace from my parents

Happy birthday month to all my March/Pisces babies!


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  1. Happy Birthday month sweetie!!
    Christa Jayne