Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Deal: Alexis Russell

Here's another reason why I love Valentine's Day: so many great sales/deals being offered by fabulous designers! One in particular that is making me wish I could shop for myself is Alexis Russell's Valentine's Day offer; check out the jewelry {here} that is included in the holiday deal.  Be sure to use discount code "sweetheart" to get 15% off all of the pieces in the Valentine's Day section on the site! Here are a few of the pieces included in the holiday discount that I am LOVING: 

natural ruby ring {buy here}

large 14K rose gold earrings {buy here}

long ruby station necklace {buy here}

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Shopping! Also, be sure to check out my Valentine's Day Gift Guide {here}.



  1. nice post and nice blog!!
    i follow you , follow me back please !!

  2. I want to know why you gave up shopping for a year? And how are you doing with it so far? btw, following your blog, hope you'll return the fave love!

    xx Marianne Y

  3. really nice jewelry, great selection!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department