Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Designer Spotlight + Deal: Ellen Himic Designs

I've mentioned in previous posts that I tend to gravitate towards independent and emerging designers when I'm shopping for accessories; David Yurman is lovely, but there is something to be said for owning a unique piece of jewelry by an up-and-coming designer.  One of my FAVORITE designers is Ellen Himic Designs, a jewelry brand that embodies luxury, craft, and ornate details {check out here}.  Ellen Himic's collections are influenced by architecture and the beautiful, intricate details found in architecture.  Ellen Himic's stunning pieces have graced the pages of magazines such as InStyle, Good Housekeeping, Vogue Japan, and People Style Watch, and have been seen on television shows including Gossip Girl, Nurse Jackie, and Entourage.  I love all of my Ellen Himic pieces and I'm sure you can understand why:

Trelis ring {here}, Rosette ring {here}, Rose Cathedral ring {here}, Finial Briolette earrings {here}, Rondelle bracelet {here}

Rondelle bracelet {here}, Trelis ring {here}

Finial Briolette earrings {here}

Rosette ring {here}

Rose Cathedral ring {here}

Those are the Ellen Himic pieces I have collected over the years, and I honestly love each of them; I am pretty much ALWAYS wearing at least one of my Ellen Himic pieces.  I know it seems like I own a lot of her jewelry, but how could I not want more?  Here are some of Ellen Himic pieces that I am currently coveting and considering purchasing after my year of no shopping is complete:
                                      Ellen Himic Designs

two-toned Garland necklace {here}, Swirl of Rose ring {here}, Paja Dome earrings {here}, Trelis earrings {here}, Crown necklace {here}, Maltese bracelet {here}, Rondelle necklace {here}, Garland Pear ring {here}, Paja Pearl bracelet {here}, Rosette earrings {here}

So, the wonderful Ellen Himic has graciously offered a deal for my readers! Just for today, Ellen is offering a deal on the beautiful Trelis earrings on her site for just $125! These fashionable earrings have been spotted on Skinny Girl mogul and Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel, and are the PERFECT earrings for everyday wear.  Check out the Trelis earrings {here}!

I hope you have fallen in love with Ellen Himic Designs the way I have, and be sure to 'like' Ellen Himic on Facebook {here} and follow her on Twitter {here}.  Also, I hope you take advantage of the offer on the Trelis earrings - if I was allowed to shop I would be the first one to order them! :)



  1. Such beautiful pieces. Vintage and chic.


  2. pretty jewels! geat way to dress up an outfit!

    love from San Francisco,

  3. Super lovely jewelry <3




  4. fab rings! :*