Monday, December 17, 2012

StyleMint Surprise

Have you heard of StyleMint? Or ShoeMint, JewelMint, HomeMint, or Intimint? Well, if you have not signed up yet I would recommend doing so NOW! {sign up here}  I signed up this past spring and bought 2 pieces before I began my no shopping for a year.  I had completely forgot that I earned FREE shopping credits until last week; so I was able to "shop" on StyleMint with a $150 credit without actually spending any of my money or breaking my no shopping vow - what a treat! 

StyleMint, along with all of the other "Mints", is a brand created by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in which you sign up, create a style profile, receive a shopping showroom based upon your style, and shop for your favorite looks! It's totally FREE to be a member and all pieces are affordable prices; your membership begins once you make your first purchase and you can choose to skip a month or make a purchase within the first 5 days of your new showroom - at no charge! Shipping is FREE as well - how awesome is that?  These are the recent pieces I was able to receive that did not cost me a PENNY: 

Betty cardigan

Broderick T

Pike Pant

Dalton T

StyleMint could not be a better deal! Remember, sign up {here} and let the shopping begin! Enjoy!



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