Saturday, October 6, 2012

October FEEDraiser

As I mentioned in my last post {here}, I am officially a FEED Representative and could not be more excited about it! FEED's mission is to provide good quality {and fashionable!} products to help feed and nourish those suffering from hunger in the U.S. and around the world.  I will be conducting simple monthly "FEEDraisers" through my blog to help support FEED's mission, and this is my first one: I want to challenge my family, friends, and readers to donate to a local food bank in honor of FEED! I recently donated produce and volunteered at Mid-Ohio Foodbank in the Columbus area, and had an amazing experience.  

FEED-themed cookies I made for the fellow volunteers

Note I attached to my donated bag of fresh produce

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank {check out here}

Volunteer outfit - note the FEED + TOMS! {buy here}; The Limited button down shirt, Banana Republic vest, Hudson jeans, Jessica Jensen tote, Gorjana ring, & OPI's "Bogota Blackberry" 

So, please a few minutes out of your busy schedule to donate food to a local foodbank in honor of FEED! {check out FEED here}.  And if you do, let myself and FEED know about it! Tweet {follow me here & follow FEED here} or Instagram {Cassleeshort & FEED_PROJECTS} pics of donated food, and be sure to 'like' FEED on Facebook {here}; if you send me pictures I will feature them on a blog post in the near future! 

Whether you put up a collection box at work, or donate some canned goods that have been sitting in your pantry, know that you are making a significant difference in fighting hunger.  Thank you for your support, and remember that fashion & philanthropy combined is always in style! 


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  1. What a great cause .... it must be very gratifying to know you are making a difference!