Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patriotic Stripes

I love nautical-inspired clothes and believe there are few things more patriotic than a striped summer ensemble.  This red and white striped StyleMint dress is one of the last clothing items I purchased before I surrendered shopping for a year, and I love how it feels so American (particularly because their clothes are made in the U.S. - awesome).  

I wore this during Memorial Day weekend in Cleveland and paired it with brown leather accessories, gold jewelry, and a great shade of red nail polish.  

dress by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's StyleMint 

gold heirloom jewelry 

OPI's "Most Honorable Red" + a thank you note for joining StyleMint {sign up here}

at Cleveland's Guitarmania 2012

Happy 4th of July!




  1. That is a very cut and casual outfit! Love that simple pretty necklace. I'm having a you choose cashmere giveaway on my blog, please pass by and enter I think you'll love it.


  2. Love that striped dress! So cute on you!
    Christa Jayne

  3. wow! amazing!

  4. I like the red stripes! A little twist on the traditional blue striped dress.

  5. great dress!! I've never done any style mint, would you recommend it?!