Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fashion + Philanthropy

In addition to fashion, I also have a passion for philanthropy.  I've always had a desire to engage in community service in some way; I chose to study sociology in college and to work for a non-profit so I could make a career out of giving back to those in need.  So anytime fashion and philanthropy join forces, I try to help out.  And by help out, I mean shop.  

Two of my favorite brands that give back to those living in unfortunate circumstances include TOMS and FEED Projects.  TOMS shoes are adorable and can be seen everywhere {they are also INCREDIBLY comfortable} and FEED's burlap bags have truly become iconic. So when I saw that TOMS and FEED Projects collaborated to create a pair of shoes, I could not resist.  Good thing these came out before I took my no shopping vow!

TOMS ballet flats, FEED 10 clutch, FEED 12 + TOMS classic vegan shoes

with best friends for a surprise engagement brunch wearing TOMS Natalia ballet flats in rose {buy here}

FEED Projects FEED 10 clutch {buy here} + a TJ Maxx dress I wore for New Year's Eve {Guess shoes}

FEED 12 + TOMS classic vegan shoes {buy here}

Here are some TOMS and FEED Projects products that I am loving right now, and are definitely in the running for the first item I purchase after a year of no shopping:

TOMS Catino ballet flats

TOMS Silver Glitters 

TOMS Blue Beckett vegan classic

FEED + Tory Burch bags

FEED 10 Haiti clutch

FEED Alpaca scarf

What are some of your favorite brands that give back? 




  1. It´s a surprise return to your blog and find cool stuff.

  2. that feed clutch is super cute and I ADORE those guess shoes!! are they comfy?! i've never gotten into the whole "toms" thing however :( also love that tj maxx dress! thanks for stopping by my blog! i am following you now! xoxo