Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best Friends Weekend: Daytime Look

More than I love fashion or shopping, I LOVE my best friends.  My friends that I grew up with are the loves of my life & even with our busy schedules, we take advantage of every opportunity to have one of our "Best Friends" weekends.  We love to travel, but recently we decided to head back to our home city & experience some of the things we love about Cleveland.  We went on a tour of Great Lakes Brewery, had lunch at Bar Cento for their wonderful pizza, & walked around Ohio City.  For our daytime activities, I went for a more bohemian, summer look that consisted of a printed dress, bright scarf & purse, & comfortable sandals.  It was the best day with the best people I know! 

Best Friends Weekend Summer 2012!

mint green crossbody bag by Italian brand Claudia 

dress from Francesca's + bright scarf my mom no longer wanted


Great Lakes Brewery Tour

Ohio City, Cleveland, OH

great Bloody Mary at Bar Cento 


Have a Happy Sunday! 


  1. Nice pics:) I love the bag!

  2. beautiful girls!!!

  3. What an amazing purse, I love the color!!!
    Christa Jayne

  4. No way!!! I cannot believe you are from Cleveland. We are just getting settled in Cleveland Heights and love it so far! Just followed you on twitter. Stay in touch!